Community-Driven HR Innovation

SKILLS over Resume

Our platform brings together a community of 1000+
pre-qualified Latin American developers
in diverse technical stacks

How it works

Fast onboarding

With just a job description, benefits, and salary range upload,
we'll automatically connect you with pre-qualified developers
who match your open position.

Just a click and your meeting is scheduled.

Select a date on the developer's calendar
to have an interview (or as many as you need) to ensure company fit.

All data in just one place

Wink.Builders gives your computer the ability to see all the information that really matters in one place.
You don't have to worry about fake profiles and wasting the time of your most valued collaborators in meaningless interviews.

Ready to use payroll system

International payments are no longer a problem.
We have a ready-to-use platform to pay as many collaborators as you need in just one click.


Get candidates with the right skills

Resection proof Talent

Eliminate useless interviews

We are in charge of validating the knowledge
of each of the developers in the community.
We also validate all external factors
like Github, Linkedin, etc

Take advantage of the current moment to
build your dream team and e
levate your company to its
rightful place

Access hundreds of developers
by simply searching for technologies.
Saving time in search,
selection and
validation of knowledge

Save time and focus on what's most important:
growing your company!

Supercharge your
cash flow with Wink
and enjoy up to 70% savings
on your working capital.

Don't wait, book your appointment now
and experience the difference!